'Jumble Sale' Full Video

We are proud to present our new full length video 'Jumble Sale' - full page here

Source Skate Co. presents
Sonny Wright
Sid Prestedge
Jordan Marowitch
Sam Earl
Al Hodgson
Frankie Lanni
Ollie Curtis
Toby Shaw
and many southern friends

Tom Pickard

'Go Skateboarding Day' 2023

Go Skateboarding Day 2023! An amazing session went down on our favourite day of the year:)

Skaters: Toby Shaw, Zep Mccormick, Sonny Wright, Danny Abel, Thomas Harris, Kaitlyn Massey, Joe Tadros, Stann Cragg, Sam Roberts, Howie Ferguson, Rhiannon, Luke Pont, Troy, Patrick Helfer, Gary Comber, Paschal Brattell & Guy Vincent.

Camera: Tom PIckard / Sam Roberts

Tom Pickard

Music: Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique

£1066 Welcome Event

Full recap of our crazy welcome event which included a SBGB Park Competition and a cash for tricks / best trick bowl jam. Equal prize money for males and females.

Skaters: Lola Tambling, George O'Neill, Diggs English, Lilly Strachan, Ruby Dolan, Miriam Nelson, Tay Cunningham, Akin Hendrickse, Jack Wallbridge, Jordan Thackeray, Jonas Bunger, Harry While, Jordan Marowitch, Dannie Carlson and many more!

Camera/Edit: Jude Harrison

Additional Filmers: Andrew Anderton, Tom Pickard

Music: Acid Dad / Slobheads

'Tyto Alba'

OWL x Source presents
a good ol' barn session in the depths of Kent...

Alfie Sexton
Harrison Woolgar
Al Hodgson
Cal Dawson
JP Arnold
Matt Ransom
Jude Harrison

Jude / Tom / Harrison / Al

Al Hodgson

'The Source Park Spring Edit'

The Source Park keeps us from the rain!

Skaters: Sam Allison / Jordan Marowitch / Sid Prestedge Matt Ransom / George Legg / Al Hodgson / Sonny Wright Kaitlyn Massey / Dom Philcox / Chris Collins / Frankie Lanni

Camera: Tom Pickard / Eden Freeman-Payne

Edit: Tom Pickard

Music: Broadcast - Hawk

Behind the 'front rock' with Lola...

We hit up Lola to go behind the scenes of the front rock (that broke the internet) the process of trying the trick and some good old skate chat. Enjoy listening to one of skateboarding's next generation - Lola T.

Edit: Tom Pickard

Filmers: Tom Pickard / Andrew Anderton / Jude Harrison + thanks to everyone who contributed their phone footage!

Photographers: Toby Shaw / John Paz / Griff

Music: Grimes - Oblivion

'Jumble Sale' Trailer

Here is the new trailer for our upcoming video 'Jumble Sale'. Featuring locals of Hastings and the greater south coast, this video showcases the many different styles and scenes that inhabit our little corner of England.

Source Skate Co. presents Sonny Wright, Sid Prestedge, Jordan Marowitch, Sam Earl, Al Hodgson, Frankie Lanni, Ollie Curtis, Toby Shaw and southern friends

Camera/Edit: Tom Pickard

Music: Faust - Jennifer

'Jumble Sale' video coming very soon...

Karma x Supertoxic Hastings Demo

The Karma & Supertoxic Team visited Hastings recently and had a rad session at the Boyley Skatepark and The Source Park. Locals got involved and fun was had by all. The day came to a close with a classic stair session inside our shop, which Marcus truly shut down! Enjoy...

Skaters: Marcus Palmer, Alice Smith, Liam Courtnae, Chloe Stafford Sid Halford, Ross Zajjac, Kashif Saghar, Callum Sidlauskas, James Hewett, Sonny Wright, Sid Prestedge, George Legg, Fids

Camera/Edit: Andrew Anderton

Additional Filmers: Tom Pickard

'Jumble Sale' Teaser

Source Skate Co. is filming for a little UK video offering called 'Jumble Sale' - A jumble of all kinds of skating from the south coast and beyond! Locals, OG rippers and friends of SSC are all all getting involved! Stay tuned...

Skaters: Sonny Wright, Toby Shaw, Sid Prestedge, Al Hodgson, Zeta Rush, Sam Earl, Jordan Marowitch, Ruby Dolan, Frankie Lanni, George Legg, Jono Coote, Kate Green, Fids, Jack Wallbridge

Filming/Edit: Tom Pickard

'Jumble Sale' coming soon....

Bexhill Skatepark Opening Jam

The new Bexhill Skatepark officially opened on Saturday 11th June and it was crazy! Skaters shredded, dodged many scooters and prizes were won. Big thanks to Canvas Spaces.

Skaters: Ruby Dolan, Lawrence Johnson, Ashley Simmans, Autumn Bailey, Sid Prestedge, Sonny Wright, Tom Wood, Reuben Cooke, Sam Baker, Ross Perris, Tom Pickard, Luke Harris and more...

Edit: Jude Harrison

Filmed by: Andrew Anderton, Jude Harrison, Tom Pickard

Source Park Birthday Jam

Locals came out to play for the source park's 6th birthday :)

Skaters: Sid, Matt, Toby, John, Ali, Simon, Jordan, Steve, Mike, Glenn & Alan.

Filming/Edit: Tom Pickard

Music by Lokators.

Battle of Hastings 2017

Check out the rad Source Park edit from the legendary Sidewalk!

Rad vibes from everyone involved:
Marc Churchill, Jake Collins, Rune Glifberg, Stevie Thompson, Sid Hallford, Sam Pulley, Sox, Rikk Fields, Sam Beckett, Aaron Wilmot, Dannie Carlson, Dean Greensmith, Joe Howard ,Matt Beer, Jordan Thackeray, George Poole