Name / age / residency / job?

Sonny David Hedley Wright
20 years old
Originally from Swindon Town, now a Hastings resident

Favourite skate brand?


Favourite skateboarder?

Wes Kremer

Did you grow up watching full length videos or social media coverage and how did you find filming for Jumble Sale?

I grew up watching both when I was younger, but now as times have changed it’s hard to not see snippets all over social media which can spoil the whole video. I way prefer to sit down with some mates and watch a full length instead of scrolling through the instagram skaters. Filming for the video was absolutely amazing, it was an experience I never wanted to end. The energy that came with the sessions was something else, so many good memories and I’m sure plenty more to come.

Favourite clip of the video?

My favourite clip in the video is either Rueben’s nose pick at Crowhurst ramp or Tom's ollie into the bank at Castleham industrial estate, both insane when you visit the spots in person.

What was the hardest clip for you to film?

My hardest trick in my opinion was the ollie into the bank next to Alexandra park as it was just committing and timing.

A fond memory from the filming of the video?

My favourite memories of filming was when we went to Ashford on my 20th birthday. Really made it special and was great to skate some rad spots.

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