• No, booking is no longer required! Everyone is welcome to turn up on the day and purchase a session. Before coming, please check out our Park Schedule.

  • The Source Park is open to anybody, any age or any ability. Please check the parks schedule for session times and availability. 

  • Yes! The Source Park is free to spectators to just watch, hangout and enjoy the 360˚ viewing balcony. Come down - its a fun place to hang out and have a coffee.

  • You can bring as little or as much as you like... We have a selection of BMX bikes, skateboards and helmets for hire or of course bring your own. Before Visiting for the first time please note that a disclaimer will need to be filled out. Please be advised that a parent or guardian must complete this if the user is under 16. This can be filled out in advance below or at the venue. Helmets are compulsory for Under 16s.

  • We allow BMX bikes, Skateboards, Scooters, Inline Skates and Jump Bikes. Please note there are some exclusions. For instance your scooter must not be foldable and Mountain bikes which are not Jump Bikes are not allowed.

  • Yes, we have a shop! In fact, it is the largest BMX and Skate Shop in the country - so we have you covered. The Shop is open throughout all sessions and other times. Please check our current Shop opening times.

  • Yes, you can purchase an annual membership in-store which will entitle you to substantial discounts on all sessions. You will be issued with a Photographic ID card and unique code.

  • Yes, a disclaimer is compulsory for each user. However, you will only have to fill out a disclaimer the 1st time you use the park.