A mini documentary about a long lost DIY ramp hidden away in the East Sussex countryside, built by the infamous Dennis in 1989. The film chronicles the ramp's evolution throughout the decades and the skaters that graced it's transitions over the years. This film is a thank you letter to Dennis who selflessly built the ramp off his own back to give the local kids a space to skate and ride.

This film accompanies a Vague Skate Mag article written by Jono Coote, which you can find here


Joe Sandland, John Holdcroft, Mark Richards, Dan Brown, Marcus Levere, Kronus Taylor, Egon Reynolds, Sam Roberts, Jono Coote, Asher Thornton, Rich West, Mitch Wheeler, Craig Questions, Stephen Roe (Rogie), Chris Oliver, Jake Snelling, Ewen Bower, Sid Prestedge, Reuben Cooke and many more...

Camera/Edit: Tom Pickard


Cluster - Caramel / Circle Jerks - Under The Gun / Qeen Latifah - Sexy Fancy / Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain / Bob Dylan - Nashille Skyline Rag / Fugazi - Bed for the Scraping